Tuesday, 31 July 2012

So much excitement!

I thought life was grand as it was: playing in my garden in France in the sunshine. Then last night, most unusually, they put me in the car and off we went. When we got out I walked for a while, enjoying many different and strange smells, at each one of which I stopped and savoured, and then we were in a building with lots of people, and then ... a dear and familiar voice behind me! My girl, the small one. I was so overjoyed I nearly ate her! But of course she was pleased to see me too. I don't know why she's here, but I am not complaining. Life is very good.

Monday, 23 July 2012

Glamour, c'est moi

My mistress says I am beautiful: this picture demonstrates the truth of that, I think. This was not the word she used, however, when she discovered the holes in the carpet.

Good heavens - another dog blog!

It has come to my attention that another dog I have heard of is posting on his own blog, with the woeful story of his altered life since his mistress became a writer and therefore most of the time distracted, not to say other-worldly. You could take a look if you liked on stigreport.wordpress.com. Stig has a very fine command of the English language, despite being Welsh: it must be contagious. I sympathise with the poor fellow because my mistress also writes, and you can see what she's up to at suerussell'sblog.blogspot.com. I have to say I didn't really think about the changes in my life till Stig pointed them out, but then so much goes on in our house I have given up trying to keep up. Just recently I disgraced myself by scratching up a chunk of carpet while they were out (and I hardly ever destroy anything.) In my defence, I was confused and anxious for a time. One of my beloved girls came home - yippee! Then she went away. Then she came back, and after a day or two went away again.I just couldn't cope. A dog has to have a thick hide just to survive living with these impossible humans.

Friday, 20 July 2012

Here's another picture of me - oh yes, and her too, of course. I was being helpful - sort of. She was digging a hole for a new plant, and I dropped my ball as close as I could to the hole, hoping she would notice and throw it. This picture was taken in the spring this year in my garden in France. I have a feeling we will be going back there soon. But I won't know for sure until one morning they'll be very busy with bags and boxes going in to the car. They usually put me in last, and I know where we're going when they get me out at Dover and I can smell the sea and hear the gulls squawking. After that it's a long journey and I do a lot of sleeping, but it's worth it, because when we get there I have my own private park to play in.

Monday, 16 July 2012


Sometimes I get a sore paw. It's probably from leaping after my ball and landing hard on the ground. My ball is my favourite thing, even though it looks, as my mistress colourfully puts it, and with her usual exaggeration, 'a mangled wreck.' She has a bad knee so this morning on our wet and early walk we were both hobbling. We saw some rabbits but the rabbits where we go are bold and bumptious and wait till we are practically on top of them before bouncing away. If I get close I follow them into the woods, even though I know I'll never catch one, but I prefer chasing my ball, if I am honest. Cats are another matter altogether, especially if they lurk outside my bay window when I am watching the world go by. And as for squirrels! I swear they run along the tops of people's garden fences, just ahead of me, knowing I am on a lead, just to drive me crazy. Life gets just too exciting at times. No wonder I need a lie-down when I get home.

Sunday, 15 July 2012

My autobiography

Here I am again. I told you I'd have more to say than her, didn't I?
I started life as an abandoned puppy - can you believe that? I was ONE DAY OLD. Someone found me with my mum and five brothers and sisters, and we ended up, luckily for us, at Battersea Dogs' and Cats' home, the branch at Brands Hatch in Kent, UK. A few weeks later, when I was irresistible, my master and mistress came along and found me, and I've been with them ever since, and with my two beloved girls as well. For a while I wasn't their only pet - they had a big black and white rabbit too. But now I am (unless you count one fish and a load of frogs.) It doesn't take a lot to make a dog happy, and I am a very happy dog.
More soon!

Photos of me!


My mistress says I can have my very own blog and she reckons my posts will be much more interesting than hers. I could have told her that! I thought you might like these photos of me. One of my favourite things is lying on the wall in my garden in France (yep, even in the belly-freezing frost) guarding my ball. Then there's one of me and her. I was quite young in this photo but although I am now nearly 5 I haven't changed much except that I'm a bit heavier ( and she says I still think I am a puppy. Hm.) Then there's the one of me biting my tail. I still do this sometimes, so perhaps she is right.
I thought I'd post once in a while about my life and wise canine thoughts. See you back here soon!