Monday, 23 July 2012

Good heavens - another dog blog!

It has come to my attention that another dog I have heard of is posting on his own blog, with the woeful story of his altered life since his mistress became a writer and therefore most of the time distracted, not to say other-worldly. You could take a look if you liked on Stig has a very fine command of the English language, despite being Welsh: it must be contagious. I sympathise with the poor fellow because my mistress also writes, and you can see what she's up to at suerussell' I have to say I didn't really think about the changes in my life till Stig pointed them out, but then so much goes on in our house I have given up trying to keep up. Just recently I disgraced myself by scratching up a chunk of carpet while they were out (and I hardly ever destroy anything.) In my defence, I was confused and anxious for a time. One of my beloved girls came home - yippee! Then she went away. Then she came back, and after a day or two went away again.I just couldn't cope. A dog has to have a thick hide just to survive living with these impossible humans.

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