Monday, 16 July 2012


Sometimes I get a sore paw. It's probably from leaping after my ball and landing hard on the ground. My ball is my favourite thing, even though it looks, as my mistress colourfully puts it, and with her usual exaggeration, 'a mangled wreck.' She has a bad knee so this morning on our wet and early walk we were both hobbling. We saw some rabbits but the rabbits where we go are bold and bumptious and wait till we are practically on top of them before bouncing away. If I get close I follow them into the woods, even though I know I'll never catch one, but I prefer chasing my ball, if I am honest. Cats are another matter altogether, especially if they lurk outside my bay window when I am watching the world go by. And as for squirrels! I swear they run along the tops of people's garden fences, just ahead of me, knowing I am on a lead, just to drive me crazy. Life gets just too exciting at times. No wonder I need a lie-down when I get home.


  1. Life's hard, Rosie. There's all that lazing about, being fed, walked, petted. After all, you could have it easy and be an author like your mistress. Honestly, what DOES she do all day?

  2. You know what, cfd? I think she mucks about on facebook and people's blogs. But I'm just a dog - what do I know?