Tuesday, 19 November 2013

The extraordinary ways of other dogs

Recently my humans went away for a long time. I didn't mind too much because I went to some kennels where I am well looked after by people I know and like. My people are back now and it's good to be home, on familiar territory. I can tell you, I had a great deal of sniffing and smelling to do to find out what had been going on, and, more to the point, who had been out and about, in my absence.
But I was astonished to overhear what my humans had witnessed on their travels - a swimming dog! It seems this crazy character launched himself off a rowboat in pursuit of ducks. Well! I like to chase ducks of course, but NOT in water.Nasty cold, wet stuff. I don't even like getting my feet wet if I can avoid it.
Swimming dog
Wet dog. Frankly, insane dog. 

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